In established in Izmir, The Pearl of Aegean in 2012. At the beginning YAPISAN PARK was just producing playgrounds, then began to meet the needs of the sector in Outdoor Fitness Equipments, Urban Furnitures and Flooring materials in 2013 with a growth rate of %20. Our company which is aware of the fact that to the success is not so easy, has strengthenede its sales team in a short time and was able to reach more customers portfolio. 

As a need of growing Healthy Generations, We are conscious of contributing to both of mental and physical development of Our Children when they play safely. Our Company aims to design and produce the products not only make adults social but also provide the growth of our childrens physics and muscles as well.

Our Company has reached to all over the Turkey with “The brand that combines entertainment with confidence” motto. Hence, YAPISAN PARK which started its way to success with a 700m2 production plant at the beginning, built 1500m2 open area and 4500m2 closed area production plants in a short period of time without concessions of Quality & Standards.

Our Company which has reached from East to West and also from North to South of Turkey within the limits of our county borders, aims to reach the same success in both Europe and Asia now.


With our motto "The Brand that combines entertainment with confidence", YAPISANPARK leads to the sectoral changing's; by setting a new goal after reached ones and constantly are in search of new peaks. We make your imaginations real...

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